Just Keep Walking: Crater Lake NP to Chemult

Day 107: Mile 4.6 on West Rim Fire Alternate Trail to Mile 1836.7 to Mile 1845.3 Diamond Lake Resort

Miles: 17ish

Steps: 48,053

I woke up a bit early to make it to the sunrise at Crater Lake. The Campground was about a mile away from the West Rim trail. After filtering water and walking up to the rim trail, I missed the actual sun coming up by 3 minutes, but it was still beautiful nonetheless.

The West Rim Trail is so spectacular. I took several hours to enjoy the remaining 7 miles.



I was glad I took my time to enjoy this because when I got back on the PCT, it was back to the forest.

Well, back to the forest, except burned trees, resulting in a sun exposed, waterless section. had a friend picking me up the following day, so I decided to spend the afternoon and morning at Diamond Lake Resort.

Hitchhiking to Diamond Lakes was really easy. I stuck my thumb out as a car was driving by and he picked me up right away. He was driving to Medford, all the way from South Dakota for the eclipse. He dropped me off at Diamond Lake Resort and gave me some eclipse glasses! What an awesome guy!!

I had wonderful company at the table beside me during lunch. Bob and Kathy Hammond struck up a conversation with me regarding my journey. They are both retired nurses and pretty adventurous! They hiked Half Dome a few years back and Mount Whitney the following year. Not only did I sincerely enjoy the conversation, as I hadn’t conversed with anyone in over 10 hours, but they gave me money insisted on buying my lunch. Bob and Kathy made my day and truly made me feel special. Thank you Bob and Kathy.

I stayed at Diamond Lake Campground, after doing laundry. It was nice to have a clean, warm, shower, which wasn’t timed by quarters or tokens, and based on a donation basis.
I was able to see the sunset at the campground. I love the dynamic that the smoke gives the colors of the sunset.

Day 108: Zero Day Bend, OR

I was able to get a hitch from Diamond Lake Campground from a wonderful couple who were driving the opposite direction, but turned around to get me to the busy highway, where it would be easier to hitch from. I was able to get a second hitch to Chemult by a wonderful couple that were headed to Bend.

I spent the remainder of the morning and afternoon in KJ’s, waiting for my friend to pick me up, having a grand ol time with with the two wonderful gentlemen who run the place and chatting with a new southbound friend.

Day 109: Zero Day – Bend, OR Solar Eclipse Totality

I had previously thought that even if I made it to 90% totality for the solar eclipse, I wouldn’t be disappointed. I didn’t quite understand the hype behind making it to totality until I witnessed it myself.

It was an experience that I can’t fully describe. As we waited for the moon to cover the sun, it slowly turned into a sunset sky, followed by a dark sky with a moon that appeared to be glowing.

I highly recommend witnessing this for yourself at some point in your lifetime. It is quite indescribable!

4 thoughts on “Just Keep Walking: Crater Lake NP to Chemult

  1. I live in Idaho Falls which was in the path of totality for the eclipse. I didn’t understand the hype until I saw it and likewise had to admit that it was worth the hype. The only problem was that I had to hit the road so my friend who was visiting for the eclipse could get home in time for work. The normal 2 hour drive time turned into over 4 hours.

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  2. Yup, I saw two total eclipses (Romania 1999 and Turkey 2006) and many partial ones and the difference is vast.. even 99% eclipse isn’t even compared to a total one.. (sadly in Romania I’ve seen only clouds and darkness, but in Turkey there was a clear blue sky : )

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