Chasing Waterfalls

There is something about waterfalls that make them so majestic and photogenic. Waterfalls are beautiful and fierce. The closer you get to the waterfall, the more beauty that is revealed; however, the waterfall never allows you to get too close without pushing you away. Maybe I love waterfalls so much, because in a way, I am like a waterfall.

Here are some of my favorite waterfalls from my travels.

1. Palouse Falls, Washington

I was slightly disappointed that the trail to get closer to the falls was closed in the winter, but in the summer, you can hike down to the falls to get a better view. Although closed in the winter, the icy waterfall was really gorgeous to see in late November.

2. Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Part of the viewing area/sidewalks were blocked off due to ice, which was also disappointing (I wish they would put salt down instead of closing the viewing area).

This waterfall was awesome during the day, but is also lit up at night, which is great. Around 200 feet to view the waterfall, making it very accessible for everyone!

3. Wachella Falls, Oregon

There are so many waterfalls in the PNW, it is so hard to choose a favorite! This waterfall was particularly photogenic.

4. Tamanawas Falls, Oregon

This hike in Mt. Hood National Forest, is also one of my favorites. There are several smaller waterfalls and cascades along the trail. It truly is a waterfall lover’s dream, in the summer or in the winter!

5. Mendenhall Glacier Ice Cave Waterfall, Alaska

The ice caves under Mendenhall Glacier come and go, so this small waterfall was there when I was exploring the ice cave, but that same ice cave and waterfall may no longer be standing. The hike to the glacier was not only my favorite because of the surreal landscape, but also because it was a challenging hike; quite the accomplishment for the little hiking that I had done up until this point.

6. Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park

This is not only one of my favorite waterfalls, but also along one of my favorite trails, the Half Dome hiking trail. Although the cables to the half dome were down when I ventured out in November 2015, it was nice because there were only a few others on the trail, making it much more enjoyable.

7. Tunnel Falls, Oregon

The Eagle Creek hike to Tunnel Falls is a 12 mile hike round trip. Punch Bowl Falls is also along this hike and I also love Punch Bowl Falls. I love this waterfall because there is a tunnel behind the falls that you walk through.

8. Havasu Falls, Arizona

A 10 mile hike and a permit is needed to get to Havasu Falls, but definitely worth the extra effort. Spend a couple of days in the area for more exploring and yes, more waterfalls!

9. Money Falls, Arizona

Mooney Falls is a short, yet intimidating, hike from Havasu Falls. See my post about backpacking Havasu Falls for more information.

10. Franklin Falls, Washington

11. Brandywine Falls, BC

12. Beaver Falls, Arizona

13. Shoshone Falls, Idaho

14. Hug Point Falls, Oregon

Make sure to check the tide charts before going to Hug Point! The tide has to be low for you to walk to the falls, or you can walk through hip deep (possibly higher) water to get there during other times.

15. Kanarraville Creek Falls, Utah

One of my favorite hikes! I highly recommend doing this hike!

16. Panther Creek Falls, Oregon

Although not a very well marked trail, and locals don’t really want to help you find it, it isn’t a long hike and is a pretty stellar waterfall!

17. Triple Falls, Washington

18. Sahalie Falls, Oregon

19. Abiqua Falls, Oregon

The road is a very very rough road to get here. If you don’t have a high clearance vehicle, parking further back, does add a few miles to get to the falls, but a fun hike and beautiful waterfall!

20. Rainbow Falls, Oahu

21. Multnomah Falls,Oregon

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