Cross Country Road Trip Photography

As most of you know, in a few short weeks, I start my trek of 2,659 miles, which will take at least 5 months, leaving little time for any National Park adventures (outside of the ones I will be walking through of course). As you may not know, it is my goal to visit all of the US National Parks by my 35th birthday. Before my road trip, I had visited 27 National Parks. So, on my road trip from Seattle to Indiana, I decided to hit as many National Parks as possible! Here is my Roadtrip adventure in photography. 
Total miles: 5,500

National Parks visited: 9 total, 8 new

States driven through: 13

Days on the road: 11

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon. 

Great Basin National Park, Nevada

Capital Reef National Park, Utah

Utah Sunset

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Dead Horse Canyon State Park, Utah

Arches National Park, Utah

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Monument Rocks State Park, Kansas

Ash Hollow State Historic Park, Nebraska

Lake McConaughy State Recreational Area, Nebraska 

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore National Monument, South Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota


Although I still have quite a few national parks to visit by my 35th birthday, I knocked out quite a few with this road trip. I’ve now visited 36 of the 59 National Parks! 

Favorite states visited: Utah and South Dakota

Least favorite state: Minnesota

Favorite National Park visited this trip: Badlands National Park

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