Hiker Heaven – Heaven on Trail

Hiker Heaven is located in Agua Dulce, at mile 454.4 on the Pacific Crest Trail. Hiker Heaven, run by Jeff and Donna Saufley, is pretty close to heaven on trail. The beautifully organized establishment is set up specifically for PCT hikers, serves as a mail drop location, and also offers laundry and shower services. Hiker Heaven has been hosting hikers for 20 years!

After walking into the town of Agua Dulce, stocking up on a few sodas for a nero day (half of a zero day), I started walking toward Hiker Heaven. Immediately, someone offered me a ride! Agua Dulce is an extremely hiker friendly town! 

As soon as I walked through the gate to Hiker Heaven, I was greeted, given a tour, and welcomed by everyone with big smiles and open hearts.

img_3125I was simply speechless by the organization of Hiker Heaven and all that is offered to hikers. There are 3 large tents set up in the drive way, each one with a sign indicating the purpose of the tent: a sewing tent, an internet and charging tent, and a laundry tent. There was even a hair cutting station set up, with a mirror and clippers for those who wished to give themselves a hair cut.

In the guest house, a mobile home next to the house, there was a shower with warm water (with shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, basically anything you would need to feel clean and fresh again), a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator, a very large TV with Netflix and Amazon Prime with a very comfortable couch, and plenty of outlets to charge any electronics.

In the yard area, hikers set up tents in which we shared with chickens. I was told to keep my pack in my tent, or hanging up in the area where hooks are provided to hang up packs, or the chickens would try to get into them! I loved the little guys just walking around!

img_3137The best part of Hiker Heaven, was seeing all the hikers come together and enjoying each other’s company. I ran into many friends I had not seen in several weeks, including my friend that I hiked the first couple of days of the trail with. I met many new friends, which is one of the best parts of the Pacific Crest Trail.

With it being close to 500 miles on the trail, it was time for a new pair of shoes. Out with the old, in with the new!

img_3138I also received two pairs of Anti-Blister Socks, thanks to ArmaSkin! These socks use a Si Fusion fabric that slightly sticks to the skin of your feet, preventing the friction that causes blisters! I did recieve the socks at a discounted rate, but like I have said before, I will never falsely promote any gear! I will keep you posted on how my feet are doing; in the mean time, check them out at http://www.armaskin.com

Needless to say, I really enjoyed my time at Hiker Heaven. It was a much needed nero day for my body and soul! Thank you Jeff and Donnna Saufley!

Lastly, please visit Hiker Heaven’s website. Hiker Heaven is a non-profit organization, but I cannot imagine the bills that stack up because of the services they provide for the hiking community. If you can spare a dollar or two, please help them out so they can continue to provide for the future PCT generations! You can get a free t-shirt with your donation! Check out their website http://hikerheaven.com/

Stay tuned for next week’s PCT adventures!

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