The Tale of the Trail Name

From before day one on the Pacific Crest Trail, I was wondering what my trail name would be. A trail name is given to thru-hikers, whether it be the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide, or the Pacific Crest Trail. A trail name is given to you by other hikers, usually friends, and is typically agreed upon by both parties involved. A trail name is usually based upon something funny the thru-hiker did, said, or even looks like it acts like. 

Microwave was given her name because she put her wool socks in the microwave to speed up the drying process, and they caught on fire. Husky was given his name because his eyes are as blue as a husky. Iron Man was given his name, not only because he had completed an Iron Man competition, but also because he talked about it all the time. Hiccup was given her name because she would randomly get the hiccups. I am sure you get the idea of how a trail name is obtained. A few trail names were suggested before I became Bumblebee, but none seemed as fitting to me.

The group that I trekked through some of the desert with, called me Nurse Dani. Although fitting to my career, this wasn’t much of a trail name. However, I did sign the log books, as Nurse Dani before I became Bumblebee.

It wasn’t until after the Sierra Nevada section, while taking a zero day in Yosemite, I ran into Arvid, Lydia, Rhino and Ladybug, who are the only reason I made it over Glen Pass. 

They approached me and told me that they came up with a trail name for me and wondered if I would like to hear it and why they came up with the name. Of course I was intrigued and excited for my first real trail name. 

It has been said, that aerodynamically, Bumblebbes shouldn’t be capable of flight with their big fuzzy bodies and their tiny wings. How bumblebees can fly has since been proven, but amazing. nonetheless 

My friends said when they first met me, helping me over Glen Pass, they weren’t sure if I was going to make it through the Sierras. (I don’t blame them, I was a scared mess). They said since then, I really impressed them with how far I had come, not only that I made it through the Sierra, but also how much confidence I had gained. 

So, they named me Bumblebee because aerodynamically bumblebees amaze people with their ability to fly. So, although all my body mechanics and fear reactions pointed to me not being able to make it through the Sierra, I did anyways. I didn’t think I would make it as far as I have either. So, I am now Bumblebee. I like it. I also like them a lot.

When I share this story with people, they feel it’s a bit insulting, but I don’t take any offense to it. If you would have seen me in the snow, you would realize why I don’t take offense to this. 

I am pretty far behind on my PCT updates and I do apologize, but sincerely appreciate your patience! 

12 thoughts on “The Tale of the Trail Name

  1. That’s a strong trail name in many ways. You should be proud of it. How you start isn’t nearly as important as how you finish and reading about how you’ve progressed on snow travel, I think the reason behind it fits you really well.

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      1. I realized it is you bumblebee.😎🐸 Hey if the spirit moves you check out my films. Froggy’s pct California dreams.

        So r u doing any 🥾 hiking.


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      2. Pounding away at California. So had an aborted trip from highway 58 to walker pass. My hiking buddy injured himself and we had to mediate vac him out. Did a walker pass yo Kennedy meadows yo yo solo. Started fro echo sobo to sonora but the snow was too fierce to go alone and required more bushwhacking than I liked. Will try again the end of next week. I still have three trips planned the jmt in mid September. Horse shoe meadow via trail pass to kearsarge and sonora to Tulomone meadows. An ambitious season. Your hikes sound kool. Take care and keep checking the you tube page for th next film. Froggy

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  2. absolutely wonderful trail name!! Bees are SO important!
    We hope you are enjoying your days on the trail.
    We would love to buy your photo of the bumble bee if possible, it’s amazing. We want to blow it up and put it in our house. It will represent tenacity 🙂
    Blessings keep on buzzing
    The Moores

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